Spring Holiday Season coming!

Japanese holiday season “GOLDEN WEEK” will start from April29.
If you are a music lover, especially Jazz lover and plan to visit Japan, Jazz Panja would be one of choices.
It’s located in Kinuta, Setagaya. Honestly speaking, it’s not so convenient place but worth to visit.
Our audio system is as follows;
Speaker system
Woofer JBL2220B
Driver JBL2441
Tweeter JBL2405
Speaker Box JBL4560
Horn JBL2395
Power: Thomann S75 x 3(multi Amlifiers driven)
Pre : Allen & Heath XONE:62 (DJ Mixer)
Channel divider : DBX234xs
Turn Table
Phono Motor : DENON DP-80
Cartridge : Shure V15 Type3
Player Cabinet : Resinamic Sound

We can offer not only good sound but also yummy food ,sweets and drinks. You can use Panja in day time as a coffee shop (Jazz Kissa) and night time as Jazz Bar. If you get tired from congestion in Ginza, Shinjuku and Akihabara, please come to Panja and relax here.

We are looking forward to your visit !!

How to get to Panja Panja Access eng ver. (panjaswing.com)


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