Cafe & Bar Jazz Panja web sight english information


We carry on the culture of old Jazz Kissa in Showa era to Modern age. (Kissa means coffee shop)
Do you know “Jazz Kissa”?
Jazz Kissa is a coffee shop which plays Jazz records with loud volume by big speakers.
In 60’s and 70’s there were many coffee shops in such a style around Japan.
In those days, vinyl records were very expansive therefore, for young Jazz lovers, such
coffee shops were very favorable place, where they could access the latest information of
Modern Jazz with the smallest cost of just one cup of coffee.
In most of Jazz Kissas, conversation was prohibited and people concentrated on the music
stoically just like trainee monks in Zen temples. Followings are routine behavior in Jazz

  1. Search the best position (in the front of the speaker set, corner of the shop, etc.)
  2. Order drinks(mainly coffee)
  3. Sip coffee and smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes
  4. Request records you wanted to listen

Basically, you spent 1 or 2 hours in smoky rooms with loud music. It seems, for modern people, uncomfortable, but, for me, it was happy time and I really loved it.

Through 80’s and 90’s, Jazz Kissas of such style disappeared one after another. The trainee monks became businessmen getting good salary went fancy restaurants with pretty girls. From the business view point, such coffee shops were not profitable and buildings where Jazz kissas located were swallowed by big waves of urban development. 

As above, many long establish Jazz Kissas disappeared. However, I would like to add that some traditional Jazz Kissas survive difficult years and they are still key places of Japanese jazz culture. On the other hand, new cafes and bars playing vinyl records of Jazz have been opened recently. In addition, record bars or music bars effected by Japanese Jazz Kissa is a boom of world wide and according TV news and articles of newspapers, cafes and bars in such a style appears in big cities in Europe and US.

Concept of JAZZ PANJA

Jazz Panja is not a traditional Jazz Kissa which forces guests strict manners. I would like
guests to enjoy in their ways. Listening music with sipping whisky or cocktails is wonderful
and enjoying piano jazz with tea and scones (cream tea) is also fascinating. In a smoking
booth, you can smoke. And if not so loud, you can enjoy conversation. But our main
concept is listening jazz music by vinyl records. And sometimes uncomfortable music is
played. It is also jazz and please understand jazz music contains various styles and
elements cross-cutting as a result of progress and innovation through over hundred years.