From Soshigaya Okura st. on foot.

Nearest Station is Odakyu-line Soshigaya-Okura station for our cafe.
You can reach here almost 12-3min on foot without loosing the way. But so difficult to come here.
We guide the way from the station for you.

  1. Go out of the South side of the Soshigaya Okura station. This station has one gate only.
    The right side is North (there is a statue of Ultraman) and left side is South side.
    • Go the left sign arrow.
    • Go the Soshiyaya shopping street(south side) and land mark is Bank of Mizuho.
      Please go ahead over the Mizuho and there are many small shopping store both sides.
      Our cafe is near by the commers of Nihon Univ and Tokyo Media City studio.
  2. Turn Left
    There are “畳”store(making the Japanese straw mat) signboard on right side. The building of the corner of left side has fire bell. It is almost 200m(600feets) from Bank of Mizuho.
    You have to turn left at this corner.
    • When you can find the good sausage shop with orange tarp. Go ahead 300m.(1000feets)
  3. Turn right at the 5way corner.
    • You can reach the 5way corner. There is the Craft beer cafe “Riot Beer” at the right side.
      There are 2way for the right side. Please choice and turn right for the way of the mail box post of red color.
  4. Go ahead 500m
    • Go and go ahead almost 500m(0.3miles). There are Tokyo Media City studio on the right side and the Kinuta post office on the street.
  5. Finding our cafe!!
    • Our Panja is 2nd floor in the white building before the Setagaya st. 1st floor has Chinese restaurant AjiZen and the Setagaya Okura tiku kaikan(3-5-6 Kinuta, Setagaya)is front of our building. Go up the outside stairs and look for the blue door on the second floor.